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Who does not remember the haunting electronic music of John Carpenter’s first Halloween? It was a highly effective score that stayed with you for days!

Recently we have seen a true 80s revival in cinema, TV and music. Films such as Drive, It Follows, Ready Player One, and TV series like Stranger Things and Glow, among others, show a trend. Is this a random revival or an emerging cultural phenomenon?

The Rise Of The Synths is the story of a group of music composers from different countries who in the mid 2000’s,  unknown to each other but with the help of Myspace, spontaneously created an underground music scene known as Synthwave. It was the first time the Internet gave birth to a real music scene. Synthwave can be described as music that uses an electronic modern composition heavily inspired by the soundtracks of cinema, TV and video games  from 1980’s pop culture.

With a definite DIY style, most of these composers remained anonymous and faceless in an attempt to always put the music first. Many of them had no musical education but the Internet provided the platform to upload works made in their free time on computers. It was their hobby – no rules, no leaders – and they flourished more or less underground.

Today, this situation has dramatically changed. With the film Drive winning Cannes in 2011 as a trigger, and more recently with Stranger Things,Synthwave has transformed from a whisper in selected Internet hubs to an ever-growing scene, accounting for millions of plays in social media.

Through the story of Synthwave, the film explores these questions: «Why now, this nostalgia for the 80s? Where does it come from? And what will become of it?” This is a time travel into the universe of creating sounds. There is a secret world out there, populated by some of the last rebels on the Internet, and it’s happening now. Let’s discover what Synthwave really is before it bursts into the mainstream!




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