Pre Order The Rise of the Synths Synthwave


Pre Order The Rise of the Synths Synthwave

$ 29,99

Pre Order The Rise of the Synths Synthwave
Pre Order The Rise of the Synths Synthwave

$ 29,99

Pre Order The Rise of the Synths Synthwave
Pre Order The Rise of the Synths Synthwave

$ 29,99

Pre Order The Rise of the Synths Synthwave
Digital Download The Rise Of The Synths

$ 14,99

Pre Order The Rise of the Synths Synthwave

Following sold-out screenings around the world, the successful Synthrider Festival online, as much as the successful campaign of the limited edition of THE RISE OF THE SYNTHS, now the film is being made available in different formats (physical and digital) and with different extra contents to add to your purchase. 

Click on the different options to discover the purchase possibilities!

It’s time

to go back

Documentary film. 82 minutes. hd

Written and directed by iván castell

Narrated by John Carpenter

Original Soundtrack by Ogre

Produced by castell & moreno films (spain) and 9am media lab (USA)

The Rise of the Synths is a documentary about Synthwave

“Will delight music lovers and fans of

synthesizers and the 80s…”

“Fascinating documentary”

A narrative and audiovisual achievement…

This movie smells like popcorn… and passion”

“Impressively produced”

“A stylish and nostalgic celebration of a truly

unique and irreverently cool style of music”

A fascinating, witty trip through time”

Hits all the right notes”

“Too awesome to overlook”

“Pulsing electronic soundtrack

and cinematography”


Narrated by iconic director John Carpenter, The Rise Of The Synths travelled to 9 countries to interview the scene’s biggest stars and original trailblazers. The film explores the roots of the now breakout Synthwave scene, charting its humble online and underground beginnings to itsimpact on today’s pop culture.

So what is Synthwave? An irresistible blend of nostalgia and music; of creative processes and cultural references; of reappropriation and legitimate creation. More than a random revival, Synthwave has become a celebration of shared memories, with an ever-evolving sound now emerging as a chart topping worldwide retro cultural phenomenon.


“A delicious piece of nostalgia”


“What a beautiful love letter to Synthwave”


“80s Stallone though. Stole the show”


“Wow, what a gorgeous documentary”


“This has made me relive my childhood”


“You can’t miss this. Visually wild”


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What are the additional purchase options?

You can buy the film in digital version only (download) or as a physical copy (DVD, Blu-Ray and VHS) + digital version (All the physical copies have the digital version included). You have also the possibility to purchase, as additional contents, the Original Score from OGRE and Two Extended Scenes (over 45min), specially curated by the director.

What’s the difference between this version and the Limited Edition?

The Limited Edition has a digital download with much more extended footage (over 75min). It also had the exclusive poster, stickers and a lower price. We have no plans to make that version available again for sale.

Does the film have subtitles?

The Digital, DVD and Blu-ray versions have subtitles in English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish. The VHS version have subtitles only in English, integrated in the film. The extended footage will have English subtitles where another language is spoken.

Do you accept international orders?

Yes. We offer free shipping worldwide to most countries, and accept most currencies through our secure payment processing system. Whilst payments are processed in U.S. Dollars, you will see the equivalent charge in your currency on your bank or credit card statement.

When will I receive my DVD/Blu-Ray?

Due to Covid-19 measures in the fulfilment facilities that we work with for clothing and dvd/blu-ray/vhs copies, the expected business days to fulfil and ship are being affected. In addition, carriers in North America have been struggling with the amount of shipments, resulting in delayed orders and tracking links not getting updated for both for national and international shipments.

When will I receive my digital copy of the film and soundtrack/extras?

Immediately. As soon as you purchase you’ll receive an email with the links to the digital version of the documentary. If you choose any of the additional purchase options, those links will be sent too. You have a limit of 2 downloads per link and 30 days to get it. If you have any problems with the process, write to us with your Order ID to info@theriseofthesynths.com.

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Will the Blu-Ray/DVD be region free?

Yes, the Blu-ray/DVD are region free.

What's the VHS format?
The VHS is in NTSC. According to specs, some standard PAL VCR could be able to playback an NTSC tape on a PAL TV, but we can’t guarantee it.
Is the documentary available on streaming services?

The documentary is not available to stream or watch anywhere else, but you can now buy a digital copy of the film directly in our store.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a full refund up until 14 days after the date of the purchase or the date that you download any digital content (whichever is sooner). Because these items are made-to-order, we are not offering refunds after this point apart for in cases of manufacturing defects (which we will first seek to rectify with a replacement item).

My question isn’t answered here

Please send us your query to info@theriseofthesynths.com

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Pre Order The Rise of the Synths Synthwave


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